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Bike to Bike & Rider to Pillion Communications

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“I would like to say a big THANK YOU.  I have been using your radio equipment for some time now and it  is by far the best equipment that I have used.

Over the years I have tried various setups and I can say without hesitation that IntaRide beats them hands down.

My Instructors and more importantly my students have all given me positive feedback on the Quality and Clarity of the equipment.

I will, without hesitation, recommend you to anybody looking for First Class radio equipment at Competitive prices.

Once again, thanks to all the Team.

David Cuddy

Chief Instructor -  Ride-4-Life

“Shires Motorcycle Training have been using the latest range of IR803's & IR600's for the last 6 months with some very impressive results!

The range and clarity of these radios with headset kits is far superior to anything we've used before and the VOX setting's give us the same excellent quality with the added flexibility of easily switching bikes. The service and back up from Intaride has been refreshingly good and I'm thankful that we've at last found 1 single supplier who can fulfil all of our bike communication requirements'


Many thanks for your support,


Paul Nunn

Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd. Derby

I’d like to take this chance to say to you - “WONDERFUL PRODUCT” I have instructed for 10 years now & this is THE BEST I have used.  

Pupils reporting back that it’s BETTER than the examiner’s (Sonic?).

BIG thanks for making my Job easier.

Judith Scott  - Two Wheel Training - Notts.

Why Buy From IntaRide?

It’s a good question!  But from the points below, you’ll see that there is a Clear Difference between us and the Competition.

* Tough, heavy duty Leads, Connectors, Ptt Buttons & Switches.

   We believe there is nobody else who supplies equipment of this specification & durability

  * NexGen Military Plugs and Sockets - 1 Pin waterproof headset connection on the kits - Surely nothing could be easier or m`ore reliable?

    * Radios with variable power output, Remote Antennas & 12v Bike Power Adapters.  ALL spares available separately

       Everything you need for Solid, Reliable Communications - “Every Day of the Year”

      * Staffed by Motorcyclists & Instructors, we design all our kit “In-House” with absolutely no compromise on Quality

You know as well as we do, unreliable kit costs YOU Money (lots of it)  

Our kit is made For Instructors - By Instructors

You can Rely on IntaRide

Warrington IAM


For all of you bikers out there considering the purchase of bike to bike radios, please consider the IntaRide system.  Let me elaborate.

I have been using IntaRide radios for 4 years or more now to assist with training and monthly social rides, because the radio is simple and very effective,

but recently My radio presented a battery connection fault which probably required the fitting of a new spring to rectify the issue.  

I rang up IntaRide, who asked me to put the radio in the post to them and they would review the nescessary repair.

"But I need it for Saturday" (today was Wednesday) was my initial response! to which I was told to make sure it went first class and they will try their best for me.

I rang the following lunchtime to ascertain the duration / cost of the repair, to which I was told:

"There's a new radio in the post to you, it should be with you by Friday lunchtime" - And it was.

In this day and age where the customer seems to be less King and more a Commodity, I can recommend the Service and Quality of the product these guys offer.

Need I say more!

Ian McGee

Group Chairman