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Bike to Bike & Rider to Pillion Communications

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Two Way Radio Wired Bike to Bike

Using 2-way radio to connect with other riders.

Full Kits

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Training Radios

IntaRide Two-Way Radios

IntaRide Two-Way Radios for communication with others

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IntaRide S3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Speaker Headset

Bluetooth helmet headset to up to 8 Riders!

Unit mounts to the side helmet.

Fantastic clarity, Easy pairing, Automatic re-pairing, 10Hr battery, 1km max distance.


S-3 Bluetooth to Two Way Radio - Wired

Bluetooth helmet headset to PMR446 Radios. For instructors wanting to use a Bluetooth headset with conventional 2-way radios for students.

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Dk68 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet to two way radio interface unit showing the Kenwood radio connection pins DK68 Bluetooth radio interface top view showing the function button Bluetooth PTT button with integral velcro strap

Bluetooth headset to 2-way radio - Wireless

Bluetooth to UHF / VHF radio interface with Bluetooth PTT Transmit button or wired PTT / switch options

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