XL & NexGen FAQ’s

Q.  How many riders are covered per Kit?

A.  Each XL or NexGen kit has sufficient parts for 1 rider.  (1x Headset + 1x Radio etc).  You need to buy 1 kit per rider.

Q.  Is there any difference in performance between the XL & NexGen harnesses?

A.  No, the XL harness is a one-piece lead to connect the Headset, PTT button and Radio together.

The NexGen harness is almost identical, but the lead to the Headset is split into two sections using NexGen 1-pin Military connectors which are fully moulded for a waterproof connection.

Q.  What is the difference between the “K” and “W” harness versions?

A.  The “K” versions are made to work with IntaRide 500, 600 & 803 radios.  They also work with Kenwood TK3101 & 3201 Radios + other “Clones” that have the same 2-pin headset connection.

The “W” versions are made to work with IntaRide A-80 radios.  They also work with most Icom, Midland, Alan and Cobra radios that use a 2-pin headset connection.  They are only available in XL versions, NexGen versions are NOT available with “W” connections

The two connector types look very similar, but are wired and spaced completely differently, so using the wrong one could damage both the connector and the radio.  If in doubt, please contact our Technical department.

We cannot accept any liability for damage or lack of compatibility when using XL or NexGen harnesses with non IntaRide radios if you have not checked compatibility with us first - in writing.

Q.  Will “older” versions of headsets or PTT buttons work with new XL or NexGen Harnesses?

A.  Yes, presently you will find that all headsets and PTT buttons that we have sold since we started over 15 years ago are still compatible with the latest harnesses.

Q.  Are the new “Integra” headsets compatible with all harnesses?

A.  Yes, all XL & NexGen harnesses are compatible with Integra headsets

Q.  Can I still get the older style “Pro” harnesses?

A.  No.  Our UK manufacturer closed over a year ago.  The only remaining manufacturer has hiked the unit prices for the connectors so high that it is no longer viable to purchase them.  The new NexGen connectors use Military Standard “Nexus” sockets for even better performance and reliability.

Q.  Can I use the system on VOX (Voice Activated Transmission)

A.  Yes, if you are using our XL-2 or Integra headsets, the new microphones have such good noise cancelling performance that we feel it is possible to have good, reliable performance using VOX through just a radio.