Headsets FAQ’s

Q.  Are the latest XL-2 and Integra-2 headsets compatible with older IntaRide systems.

A.  Yes, totally compatible with ALL intaride systems sold since we started in 1995.

Q.  Are IntaRide headsets truly noise cancelling?

A.  Yes.  The latest microphone elements we are using in XL-2 and Integra headsets have holes in the front and the back.  This allows ambient noise (wind, engine noises etc) to enter the microphone from both sides and “cancel” themselves out.  Sounds coming in on one side only (your voice) do not cancel out, thereby the difference in sound levels of voice to background noise is far greater than non-cancelling microphones.

In order to get the best performance, you MUST position the microphone as close as possible to your mouth. Correctly positioned, your voice will come through loud and clear.  Positioning the microphone away from your lips will allow  your voice to get to the back of the microphone and “cancel” itself out !

Q.  What are my headset fitting options?

A.  The XL-2 headset is designed to be fitted inside a helmet.  The speakers come inside soft, padded material “pockets” with a “Peel & Stick” backing, so they can be easily fitted in exactly the right position to line up with your ears.  The “Pockets” are held together with Velcro, so you can easily remove the speakers and fit them into the actual linings of the helmet.  (Please do not fit speakers behind the polystyrene padding as the sound will not be able to get to your ears !!)

Q.  Are IntaRide headsets stereo?

A.  Yes.  If you are using one of our intercom units with stereo output.  If you are using an XL or NexGen Radio kit, the audio output of the radio is always Mono, but it still goes to both ears.

Q. Can I use IntaRide headsets with other makes of intercoms?

A.  Yes, they are compatible in standard form with Starcom systems.  We have a special patch lead to use them on 7-pin Autocom systems.

Q.  How comfortable are the Integra headsets?

A.  Every person has slightly different ears, so we cannot guarantee comfort “out of the box”!  Approximately 80% of customers find them comfortable straight away.  Those that do not, usually refunded or swap to an XL-2 headset instead,